Special Dice - Moulded

The mould tools we use for the manufacture of special dice have interchangeable inserts for all faces. We have standard inserts for spots and in most sizes, numerals. We also have a large number inserts for common designs including letters, geometric shapes etc.

The minimum number of special dice we make is 1000 pieces. For very large quantities or odd sizes, we may need to make completely new tooling.

Tooling charges are based on the number of special faces and total number of dice required.

We can only paint one colour per face.



Special Dice 1 colour

Moulded - One Colour Designs.
Each face design is painted the
same colour.

14, 16, 18, 22mm


Special Dice multi colour

Each face design painted
a different colour.

16, 18, 22mm


Colour Dice

Colour dice can be painted with any combination of coloured faces, only one colour per face.

16, 18, 22mm

Special Dice - Laser Engraved

Have you ever wanted to have dice made to your own design? Now you can. The price of mould tools have always made this process too expensive on small production runs, but now we can make as few as 25 custom dice and with no tooling charges.

All we need from you is your artwork in EPS format (vector graphic), your preferred colour and size of dice, and of course your money. The process is very quick and normally you will have your dice despatched within 14 working days.

We can customise 6 sided dice in 16mm, 22mm and 36mm with a logo to replace the one or 6 spot or we can customise all 6 faces.

You can choose from our opaque, pearl and oblivion colour range. The paint colour for the special sides, is your choice.

Apart from the fact that you don't pay tooling charges, the other advantage of laser engraving is that you can engrave highly detailed designs.

Prices start from as little as 20p per dice.

If you would like any further information or a quote please email enquiries@dice.co.uk
or call 01787 373501.


Courtesy of Impact Miniatures


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